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The Best Herb To Overcome Stress

The best herb to overcome stress is Oatstraw. Avena Sativa is a favorite food medicine for strengthening and toning the nervous system while supporting your endocrine system. Even though 2020’s timeline of events has been utter confusion don’t let it weigh you down. You have to watch the stress levels that you experience in your life because it can compound any moments of depression. Depression doesn’t just develop due to psychological trauma. Depression can develop from sadness which has no identifiable source.

Many times you won’t be able to identify the triggers of the episode or experience. It makes sense to include that there is a spiritual implication here as well. This is because there is a creation of spirit bodies and an absorbing of a consciousness as if it is truth. That consciousness is simply thoughts that we hold onto. Negative thoughts about ourselves based on the material perceptions of the world reality. These thoughts are perceptions that we do not relinquish but rather own. However these are not divine and do not represent our true nature.

Stress and its effects on the body

Anything that causes stress on the body and the mind triggers the production of cortisol. However, it is important to know that liver, digestion, and bowel congestion can lead to depression. Even the overindulgence in alcohol and other drugs that we call recreational is used to counter bouts of depression. Instead, it perpetuates a horrific cycle of codependency and depression.

In this episode, you see the need to use this valuable herb due to the hostile and currently miserable environment.

Oatstraw is the best herb to overcome stress as it is a mineral-rich nerve builder. It supports the system by improving memory, clarity, conscious dreams, bone density, thinking, and coordination. 


  • Improves calm and thinking
  • Supports memory 
  • Nerve tonic


  • Endocrine 
  • Inflammation
  • Strengthening
  • Balance


  • Calcium – low calcium leads to lethargy and anxiety 
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin A, C {higher than the grain}
  • Protein
  • Bioactive minerals 

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How To Work Through Mental Health Matters

LaJune Singleton talks to us about working through mental health matters. She is a Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Mindset Strategist, Nutritional Lifestyle Coach. LaJune is also a Cycling Instructor, and Personal Trainer. In this way she has attained over ten years of working experience. Helping busy career woman manage family and obesity, fitness, chronic illnesses, mindset, nutrition, mental/physical health, and injury recovery. She shows us how to work through mental health matters.


In this episode we discuss LaJune’s challenges. This helped to open up a deeper conversation around the need to support and encourage each other. We outline how mental health affected the physical and spiritual parts of her self. As a result of her challenges she turned to trauma eating, weight gain, obesity and a lack of motivation. As a matter of fact, LaJune was in a car accident just before our interview. Even though she was injured we rescheduled. In addition we also had to work around her therapy sessions to make this discussion possible.

Above all, LaJune is a persistent and intentional woman. She shares her experiences in the hope that others are able to overcome their challenges as well. More over, her vulnerability gave me an opportunity to also share. I also reveal one of my stories from my experience as a youth.


​As a result of her consistency all of her high quality interviews and conversations are available on her YouTube channel. In addition, LaJune facilitates programs and workshops that are easily accessible and are packed with applicable tips and ideas. All of the topics she covers show you how to work through mental health matters.

I G:
Website link


“During our conversations we always deliberate on an excerpt from one of my favorite guidebooks. This episode features a quote from “The 14 Keys Power Success and Transformation Unlocked” by Chief Yuya.
We travel through life experiencing what we create based on the thoughts that we offer our attention to most. As our thoughts change, our creative potential changes.
… creative potential changes our life reality changes. As all these components are altering, the nature of our questions are also changing. This means the dynamic statement of our own purpose begins to evolve. We all have a purpose. It is a grave error to live a life without examination and inquisition. There is often a curiosity with the ending of our realities. Of course, this interest revolves around the fear of our current framework of existence ending. Some refer to this moment and event as death.”
Pp 51- 52