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Homeschooling, Nation-building and Education.

You are probably wondering what does Homeschooling, Nation-building, and Education have in common. Is it safe to say you are also probably considering how these fit into this month’s focus? At the core of these ideals is the culture that is maintained by the woman (the mother). The mother, who receives instruction and direction, passes on the family’s culture to the youth (historical and ancestral lineage). She understands the power of the youth and prepares them to hold that role. Therefore, a nation can only rise as high as its women. They are responsible for imparting that culture passed down to them by the man. The man holds the vision and passes this standard onto the woman who then raises the youth to be the evolution of that culture. They are inherently ambassadors of the culture that is imparted and instilled in them.

Why Is Culture At The Core?

Culture is our way of life and encompasses everything a nation does. Let us consider Kwame Agyei Akoto in his second edition of Nation-building, he says that “culture defines the parameters within which a people act” and it “serves to define the boundaries of thought and behavior that ensure the existence and survival of the nation” That is what a mother instills by the very act of homeschooling. Therefore, we have to recognize that homeschooling is a resistance to the status quo. This considered, homeschooling is therefore an initiating tactic as we all strive to dismantle the stronghold that secular world standards and views have on the family. Chief Yuya author of The Anu Way states that “the culture and habits we invest in are our silent statement. So yes can we more vigilantly and warrior like without words but purely based on movement and action?

Nation-building requires a basis, family.

It is our culture that perpetuates our identifiable compendium of codes and customs. Culture dictates what is allowed and what is not. Therefore, a culture cannot survive if there are no ethics and regulations. These help to ensure that the very spirit of that culture is not violated. In this way we see how culture lets us know what is important to sustain and ensure our survival as a group.

Whole families are requisite for home-schooling to be effective, and cannot be effective if attempted by single parents. The masculine and feminine principles must be in place to ensure the mission statement for the family drives the goals that the woman creates for the children. It is holistic, women will not be clear on what the homeschool goal is if the cultural aspect and values are not there. That aspect dictates what you teach and how you teach. Education will always be a reflection of the nation or community that you function within.

When nation-building, the education of the youth and the adults alike is a critical aspect that affects the following

“Education is the ritualized and reaffirmation of national identity” K. A Akoto

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“the culture and habits we invest in are our silent statement”

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