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Sovereign Sister: 9 Ways To Support Your Plant-Based Feminine Body – Session 1

Supporting your body’s needs and knowing how to balance your nutrients, minerals and energetics for optimum health.

My initial journey into a vegan life began long before the word vegan was popular. I was, at first, fascinated with the idea of consuming a balanced diet without having to depend on meat for “protein”. Back then in order to successfully become vegan, protein substitutes were of utmost importance. I transitioned, nonetheless, to a vegan life very easily with the exception of the nagging need to nibble on cheese. The amazing benefits included; decreased weight, less mucus, a lighter feeling that translates into physical agility, and low levels of menstrual pain and cramping. Surprisingly I committed to eating purely plant based because menstrual pain was the hardest experience for me as I transitioned into the journey of womanhood. Once I discovered the extreme befits of transitioning to a plant-based life I went into plant based

Night Visions of a Remedy

Many healing foods have come to me as an aid for my relatives or friends who were, from one time or another, stuck in disease, unhealthy lifestyles or addictions. The incredible message in most dreams is that they mainly come to you for your own benefit.

In one of my most significant night visions I walked down a dusty, rocky road along the bushy fence of a wooden blue home in what is called Westerhall, St. Davids which is located in Grenada. I knew I was close to Petit Bacaye where my grand aunt Alice lived decades ago. Back then she served us many cups of hot cocoa and fresh fish fried in coconut oil. As the night vision unfolds I walk gazing into the kitchen window of the home. My eyes catch an elderly woman stirring a huge pot. Her wise wrinkled stare holding my gaze as she places bush medicine into the pot. She silently beckoned to me, “come child, you need to drink this bush”. I make a wordless inquiry, “what is it?” And she answers Blessed Thistle, come… learn it and teach them” I walked into her smokey smelling abode feeling safe and open.

That visitation came at the peak of pain and discomfort, over long nights and missed colleges courses. While I looked for the blessed thistle I studied the herb closely and started consuming it in small amounts. In combination with a few other herbs, a strict raw diet, and consistent meditation and breath work my discomfort and pain subcided and yhe source of the pain was rectified.

Herb Foods For Your Medicine Chest

Blessed Thistle:

CAUTION: don’t take if allergic to aster family plants (burdock, chamomile, dandelion, arnica)

Blessed Thistle: Specifically this herb is excellent for young girls transitioning into menstruation as it supports them by easing inflammation. This her also increases circulation so it ensures less clotting and purifies the blood at the same time. It’s active chemical is Cncin, and its bitterness actives digestive activity.


  • For its Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Excellent for female disorders
  • For mothers it’s a galactogouge which means it increases milk production
  • Increases stomach secretions (enzymes, electrolytes, mucin ) and as a result boosts appetite (excellent for elders or those who have a loss of appetite)

Other uses:

  • Liver support
  • Increase bile production

Mothersworts: Lianaris Cardiaca
Her Latin name means the lionhearted one; Lianaris Cardiaca this is indicative of her effect in the bodyith pale pink flowers, this bitter pungent and drying herb can be used in various forms. When I used it I consumed it mostly in tincture form. It is supportive for menstruation, and it definitely eases tension and relaxes you because it is a gentle sedative and muscle relaxant. This was key to the support it gave me in controlling and eliminating pms and menstrual pain. Mother contains alkaloids that ease contractions and muscle spasms in the uterus. Flavonoids aid with pain and discomfort due to its anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Triterpines, a chemical component of this herb works as a pain reliever and helps to support cardiovascular function, and blood circulation. The herbs which support blood circulation tend to support females during their different stages of the menstrual cycle (menstruation, ovulation, follicular, and luteal phases ).

CAUTION: *excessive use of motherwort may interfere with other cardiovascular treatments (this is because it is also a cardiovascular tonic). A tonic herb food is excellent for regularly, daily use over a long period of time, in order to support the body to stay in balanced. Avoid during pregnancy since this herb stimulates the uterus so well.


  • invokes openness, acceptance, and peace
  • protective maternal grace, easing the mind, soothing the womb
  • strengthening, letting the heart feel safe strong


  1. Nourishes and tightens the reproductive system, due to the alkaloids it contains. These have an antispasmodic effect and as a result eases uterine contractions. ( This was one of the main reasons I chose to use this herb because of its ability to ease muscle contraction, which was one of my biggest issues when dealing with menstrual pain)
  2. Eases the tense, and lethargic feeling (b/c relaxing nervine, an antispasmodic )


  • essence
  • tincture
  • tea
  • vaginal steam 

Other uses:

  • pungent and bitter so it can be used as a digestive stimulant
  • also as a cardiovascular tonic ( tonics one certain muscles) 

Pau D’ Arco:

This cleansing herb food is bitter is exceptional for


Maca Root: Since it is a root its high carb yet contains lots of copper, vitamin C, and potassium 

Oatstraw: Avena Sativa
Some of us are allowing fear into our lives, and granted 2020’s timeline of events has been utter confusion. We have to watch the stress levels that we experience in our lives because it can lead to depression. Depression can come on due to various causes. We will explore more of the root and healthy solutions in our upcoming Nourish Me November Series, which will be dedicated to one specific herb and how it supports you.

This is one of my favorite food medicines because it strengthens and tonifies the nervous system and supports the endocrine system. Oatstraw also supports the system by improving memory, clarity, conscious dreams, bone density, thinking, calm and coordination. Mineral rich nerve builder that all ages can indulge and enjoy.

This root naturally supports the body in adapting to stress and specifically reduces the stress steroid hormone called cortisol. Improves mood and reduces anxiety. It is also used world wide and is very popular for lengthening lifespan. Increases strength. Promotes sexual function specifically as it helps with male fertility as we mentioned last strong… (I mention it here today to drive home a point, the key is THE MAN)

Yarrow: Achillea millefolium
Bleeding is a common symptom of uterine fibroids, numerous antihemorrhagic herbs are used in botanical medicine protocols. Yarrow dried plant infusion is perhaps one of the most widely used uterine antihemorrhagics, reliably reducing acute uterine bleeding, but conversely promoting menstrual flow when suppressed. It has been used since ancient times as a styptic. Either dry or fresh plant can be used as a tea or tincture. Many herbalists believe that yarrow herb taken as tea is more quickly effective for stopping acute uterine bleeding than other preparations.  

Shepherd’s purse: Shepherd’s purse (fresh only) has been used traditionally as a uterine antihemorrhagic. Extracts of shepherd’s purse have a hemostyptic action, l Many modern Western herbalists believe that it is imperative to prepare Shepherd’s purse from fresh, not dry, plant material.  

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