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So, You Think You Don’t Need To Detox?

When we think about detox we primarily preoccupy ourselves with the things that we encounter, consume or even put on our skin that can create levels of toxins in our bodies. However we don’t think about the unsuspecting toxins, we don’t think about the air pollutants and the water pollutants as much. Yet these are important to consider when you think about a detox, especially if you feel like you’re at your optimum health.

However, when you consider pollutants that you are exposed to, especially if you live in a metropolis there is exposure with an overabundance of traffic. Even in an industrial area or industrial city you really need to pay attention to the levels of pollutants that you are exposed to.

Air Pollutants

Air pollutants can cause a variety of different ailments, allergies, damaged cells in the respiratory system, stress on the heart, asthma, emphysema, and the list goes on. When I say air pollutant, I’m not just referring to the smog that we can see. Air pollutants are inclusive of such things as nitrates, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide. Then there’s formaldehyde, and any indoor pollutant, also benzene, which you come into contact with at any gas station.

Introducing regular detoxifying foods, herbs and protocols in your and your family’s regimen supports the body. It helps to build an environment where the organs can function properly and release toxins efficiently.

So let’s talk about the presence of benzene and exposure to the way extended periods can cause harmful effects on the bone marrow. A decrease in red blood cells can automatically cause or lead to amenia. So you want to pay attention to that. If you find yourself anemic, maybe, just maybe, it could be due to overexposure to levels of toxins. Specifically, benzene will decrease the level of red blood cells. Now, benzene can also have side effects on the immune system which opens you up for infection.

Remember, we spoke heavily on the immune system, supporting it and building it knowing fully well that if the immune system is down. It exposes your body by weakening its defensive system.

What of water pollutants?

Some water pollutants to consider are pharmaceuticals, high levels of chlorine, which many of us are aware of, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, arsenic, and radioactive contaminants as well. Arsenic has been found in many different varieties or brands of bottled water. So pay attention to the brand and the types of water that you consume, do the research, make sure that the levels of arsenic are extremely low.

Another toxin to consider is the presence of pseudo-estrogens and microplastics . Pseudo- estrogens are actually dissolved particles from plastic that can influence or have hormonal effects on the body (both men and women)

Micro-plastics Are small components of plastics that dissolve somewhat into the water that we drink, specifically bottled water. Or into foods or liquids stored in plastic. Regardless of what you do, please pay attention to your sources of water.

Considering all of the pollutants, some of the water pollutants are found in the home… just open up your pipe right now. That water is heavy and filled with fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals that are used to treat water. We hear that chemicals are used to purify water. Yes, Who does not want purified water, but it is also used because those specific chemicals do not damage the piping, used to deliver water. It is not affected by purifying agents but we are.

What they don’t want you to know

What is true is that the system is not willing to spend the amount of money necessary to replace all lead pipes and yes it is not just the pipes in the building. All of the pipes that have been laid down or the delivery system those pipes were soldered with lead when they were first placed down so it’s important to think about your sources of water.

Toxic buildup in the system can lead to some of the aforementioned ailments and diseases that of allergies, damaged cells in the respiratory system, and asthma. It seems that most youth walk around with an asthma pump stashed somewhere. You know that’s not normal. It’s not normal for young children to constantly feel as if they have to exert themselves they would have to run for an asthma pump. There’s something wrong with that.

So, this proves that no matter how healthy of a dietary lifestyle that one has overall, making time to detox is very important because of how many different pollutants, we are exposed to. Relieving the body of toxins is really important, you have to create the space and time to rid the body consistently and detoxing is the most appropriate way to support your system.

Foods that support toxin detox:

Parsley- specifically removes toxic metal Build-up in the blood and tissue

Yellowdock- an excellent blood cleanser, but it builds the iron in the blood.

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