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Reset Your Mind Detox

Reset Your Mind is a detox system designed by Sovereign Eats. It gives the body an opportunity to reset so that organs can begin to function and detox normally, which is the way the body was divinely designed.

What type of protocol is Reset Your Mind?

This system utilizing juice blends (juiced or blender drinks or soups, your choice), soups, teas, and tinctures to cleanse  your organ system. We also include sound healing exercises every morning, meditation exercises and or affirmation (also referred to as prayer). This RESETTING of our mental functioning and understanding about food will push our bodys into a state of reset as well.

Benefits will include:

-Reduced levels of mucus in the system

-Cleared sinuses

-Increased levels of energy

-Elevated states of mental clarity

-Spiritual alignment/balance will manifest itself in different ways

During the juice fast we use juices so that fasting results are more intense and nutrient intake is low on calories. Reset Your Mind detox protocol was designed so that your mind resets your body’s functioning. This is by divine design. 

When we talk about a detox we know now that we are creating the environment to allows the body to function the way it was designed to. A body that naturally detoxes, like clockwork. This particular protocol utilizes liquid juice blends, which refers to juiced juices using a juicer or blended drinks or soups. We will also utilize teas and tinctures to cleanse and rebuild the organ systems. This resetting of our mental functioning and understanding about food will help to push the body into a state of reset as well. 

Who can benefit from this protocol?

This protocol Reset Your Mind organ cleanse was developed to work well for those who are purpose driven, objective and clear about their goals. It can be used for a period of seven days to 21 days, and can be extended beyond. It can be done most effectively for 6 weeks, focusing on a new organ system each week. But you will also find that when we look at the different organ systems, you will be doing six systems and then resetting every six days, even though you’re working with cycles of seven days. Now, during the juice fast, we use juices and soups so that fasting results are more intense. The fibers are retained in soups encouraging a healthy system of absorption, metabolism and elimination.

A week at a glance:

The protocol’s manual outlines the different juices for the day and the soup blends, including teas and tinctures that you can use to supplement each particular organ system. Using the blended juices,results in high nutrient intake, but low calories. This is because we are not consuming fats and sugars. There are tips and tricks and modifications that can be incorporated. Here is a quick overview:

  • Day 1 – focuses on the organ system that we call the lung and immune system and that includes the long the large intestine the skin and body here, including your nose.
  • Day 2- focuses on the heart system and our heart system incorporates the heart the small intestine, the blood vessels and your tongue. All supported by the teas and tinctures outlined in the manual on the organic cleanse protocol called reset your mind. 
  • Day 3 – will be the liver, these organs are the liver, the gallbladder, your tendons and your eyes. 
  • Day 4- zooms in on the kidney, which includes the kidney, the urinary bladder, your bones, your ears and law or offices, law or fusses, meaning openings in your body in the lower parts of your body 
  • Day 5- the spleen incorporates the spleen, the stomach muscles and your mouth.
  • Day 6- That’s where we will close off the cycle of systems, ( we are not closing off total detox cycle only the first rotation of the systems)
  • On Day 7- repeat any day you choose.

How it works

When you begin your second week, there is a restarting of the cycle of the systems again. Going back to the very first system which was the system of the lung. Then we continue to work through cycles revisiting each one of them up until your last day.

A calendar and or chart of the detox cycles will be provided for you as a visual cue to support you. It’s up to you to incorporate a one week, which is seven divisions, or seven days, or you want to incorporate a 21 day

This protocol helps you to go back through each system. However, another modification that’s outlined in the manual addresses this fast for 21 days. You focus on one organ system every seven days. It allows for more time to work on each system over a longer period of time.

What was the driving force behind this protocol?

Now the driving force behind this detox protocol is healing and regeneration. This came on the heels of my own battle with toxic buildup, fatigue and small Polycystic growths in my uterus. These growths caused severe pain and made it difficult to functioning on most days. It was a bit strange because at that time I was fully immersed in a 100% raw vegan lifestyle. I thought it was strange But did not realize that such a strict raw vegan lifestyle was like an ultimate cleansing process. The intake of such dense and clean nutrients actually caused my body to push out the infection.

Listen to the accompanying podcast Episode 7 – Reset Your Mind Detox for more on my healing journey and what brought me to the development of such a beneficial and effective detox protocol.

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