How We Support Your Wellness Journey

Purpose and Intention

You are the focus here at Sovereign Eats where we offer raw-food and plant based health and wellness coaching, healthy products, transition support, meal planning and meal prep tips, juice fast protocols and knowledge of various food supplementation. Also, we love to prepare delicious herbal tonics, blends, and decoctions. At Sovereign Eats, we  also offer small group catering for your celebratory needs, and health and wellness workshops for young women and girls.

The Inspiration Behind Sovereign Eats

Moksha, the founder of Sovereign Eats, is a health and wellness advocate who attributes her knowledge and passion for food to her blood family and friends, and those who have taught her the healing power of food. Her food journey began at home around the age of fifteen on the Caribbean island  of Grenada. In this way she seeks to share and impart her knowledge of healing food, with an unwavering mission to support families that need to attain optimum health. Raw-food and plant based health and wellness coaching, consultations and workshops provide this opportunity.

Food Alchemy

Nutrition, food prep and herb courses set the stage for Moksha’s deep love for Food Alchemy. As a result, she recognized that food had a remarkable power to heal. Understanding that food was a channel to transform the body and spirit, was a great discovery at an early age.  As a result, a personal healing experience in her mid teens led to the discovery of the healing power of plant based food. The plant based diet was a stark contrast to the more culturally prevalent diet she grew up on. A diet of meats, dairy, and starch-rich root vegetables. This was the pivotal moment of her unwavering commitment to use food as a healing modality. Just after her arrival in the U.S she was introduced to a raw vegan lifestyle. Her interaction with raw vegan families provided well needed experience. In addition raw vegan chefs and wholistic and Ayurvedic practitioners increased her understanding of healing foods and its positive effects on the body. 

Food Alchemy

Moksha has purposefully acquired knowledge, and wisdom about alternative vegan foods. She gained this from her time living in the Caribbean, and her unique discoveries living in the U.S. She also acquired knowledge from health food advocates such as Dr. Armeni, Bro. Robert’s raw food family, the benevolent ancestor Yami Bates author of Fire without Flame, influence from the benevolent ancestor Dr. Laila Afrika, Queen Afua, and the creator of Green Village Empress Jamilla. As a result the work of these teachers, even today, continues to support her knowledge and wisdom of food and its use as a path to healing. It is evident that this knowledge inspires her ideas about food, the human body, mind and spirit. It is her clear intention that her food, consultations and coaching sessions awaken you to your optimal health.

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