Red Wrap Tea

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This delicious and sensuous tea blend is a feminine blend and was created to give the divine feminine attributes of the womb to optimum fertility.

It contains the wholesome Lady’s Mantle, Sorrel (Roselle, hibiscus), red clover, Oatstraw and can include spices.

LADYS MANTLE- Reproductive lady parts love this herb and benefit greatly from its astringent properties. It provides restorative support to the womb, helps with fertility and regulates the menstrual cycle. Its astringent properties aid in supporting the body with spotting, and painful menstrual  cramps.

Its leaves are an intriguing shape, catching the mornings dew and gathering it into globs onto the nourishing  frilled leaves. Lady’s Mantle can be consumed by steeping its dried leaves as a tea or in tincture form.

OATSTRAW- This herb is what I call the defender of the nervous system And is a highly nutritious herbal support. It is considered a nutritive herb and can be take daily because of its nourishing action on the body’s neuron pathways. Oatstraw is the grassy tops of milky oats and contains  high vitamin A, C (more than the oat grain itself), high levels of protein, calcium, magnesium and bioactive minerals. Bioactive minerals are natural inorganic supplements which create a specific biological response that binds the mineral to the tissues. This makes it an excellent tonic here for  the nervous system.

At Sovereign Eats we like to call oatstraw the nourishing Neter, because it is a strengthening food. It supports calm, coordination, thinking, memory improvement, clarity, conscious dreams, and bone density due to its high levels of calcium.

RED CLOVER- This herb is a phytoestrogen, which are chemicals that mimic the action of estrogen in the body. The thing is these are more protective and less threatening to the body’s health. It supports the body during menopause, and helps with those persistent PMS symptoms. It is considered a medicinal herb, that is a blood purifier, moving metabolic waste from the blood.

If you choose to add cardamom and anise for additional soothing and comforting healing properties, you can do so after the herbal blend has steeped.

* This herbal bend is not for women who are taking hormone replacement therapy or birth control pills.



1 review for Red Wrap Tea

  1. Stef

    Healing and Delicious
    Tea is my escape in the evening time, so when I found the Red Wrap tea I decided to try it. I have never heard of these herbs before and I was happy to see how it helped to regulate my cycle, and ease my cramping. Don’t just try it, buy it and share it with the women in your family.

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