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How to Build the Gut Brain Connection

Is the food you are consuming recking havoc on your gut? Maybe you have chronic stomach issues, feel a sense of perpetual brain fog, perplexity, feeling of worry or maybe even indigestion, inflammation of your stomach lining or acid reflux. Maybe all of your digestive issues are solely due to the state of your emotions and how you respond to said emotions. It is also possible that the foods you consume are the source of pain. The Gut is definitely connected to the brain, this episode is a great beginners exploration into that strong and unshakable feeling that you have. The feeling that tells your brain what’s going to happen next. Heal the gut and heal your mind.


Your stomach produces secretions to aid in the digestion of food but it doesn’t work alone. It does not function independent of the brain nor does the brain function independent of the gut. A matter of fact we could even say that the stomach is like a second brain. The messages from the stomach to the brain have a drastic effect on mood, and influences the increase of stress and anxiety. In other words your stomach can influence you behavior. A great example is the way we behave when we are driven by hungry or desire for a particular food. A more profound sample is the term”butterflies in my stomach” to indicate anxiety, nerves, uncertainty etc. The brain is therefore processing the guts responses and producing specific behaviors.

The brain gut connection leads us back to a place where we must examine what the gut is made of. Microbiota is the name of the micro-organisms present in the gut. Now no two guts are the same. So the strain of microbiota I have may be completely different from those that function in you. However we do have some micro-biota markers that are common to every human. This is fascinating as it helps to show how various people need very different foods, dietary lifestyles and healing modalities.

Herbs to Support Your Gut Brain issue

Reduce tension, over anxiety and nerves by using herb tinctures such as

Your diet should be customized, here is what you can do:

Skull Cap

Blue Violet

Blue vervain rebuilds the nervous system

Oatstraw is an everyday herb that is restorative and nutritionally potent.

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  1. Hi. I didn’t realize chronic digestive issues meant the gut/brain connection was malfunctioning and the nervous system needed to be supported. Thank you for sharing and all of the information.

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