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Fortified Family: Building the Immune System

During this time we have to rely on the healing power of good character, righteousness, balance and Family. In addition we must draw on the earths gifts of healing, from plant medicine. Let’s talk about supports to help you if you have the “coughs”,  supports to help you with the flu and antiviral food medicine that will fortify you and your family. Please understand that I only share knowledge to support you. You have to do the rest to gain wisdom and understanding about these herb foods that I share with you.

Let us acknowledge the healing food medicine that Onile offers us through the herbs that we talk about each strong. The Yoruba term for the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of  the earth is Onile. She houses attributes such as transformation, true life struggle, life purpose and connecting with the All. Earth grounds us yet it connects us to all that is around us, not just our humanity. Onile helps us to become devoid of our egoic self, identity and personality.

Fear weakens you

These days the most ominous thing seems to be… the cough. You get on line in public, or you enter into a space and all you need to hear is one good cough and your whole body starts seizing out of fear. You may even have a cough and begin to feel despondent, worry, and anxiety, these are byproducts of fear.  Of course some of it is rational because fear does have a function. It doesn’t have to be your source of panic though.

Fear weakens you, and is the beginning of our downfall. This is where the grounding and reassurance of Onile comes in. Onile provides endless opportunities for you to build your immune system over time with antivirals and immune-modulators. If you are prepared then fear is not relevant. Do the knowledge and be prepared, Function over Fear!

Anti-Viral Supports

Herbal anti- virals specifically modulate the immune system function and some of the following herb foods do just that. You can use them directly to inhibit viruses or indirectly to support immune system function or to address symptoms.


An excellent herb that serves as an expectorant for coughs and mucus buildup, is Mullein. If you are in need of support for long term lung health this is the herb for you. Yet it is only for short term flu-like symptoms. Mucus buildup in the lungs can be moved by using a mullein poultice applied to the chest, this also reduces the thickness of the mucus allowing it to be expelled. 


Coughs require demulcent herbs which soothe painfully dry tissue, because the coughing has dried out the tissue. These herbs help to expel mucus, irritants and or liquids from the lungs.


Coughs with expectoration can be supported with the amazing Violet herb, as a tea or a tincture. This herb is excellent for the lymphatic system. It is very cooling and clears heat from the body and reduces a fever. If you have chills do not use it because it is very cooling. Violet support sore throats, Bronchitis, asthma and other lung issues. Violets are excellent for Emotional support of heartbreak, anger and grief because of its gentle nurturing energetics.

Caution: Violet should only be purchased from a reputable apothecary or distributor. Many offer very poor quality violet so be vigilant.


A additional herb food that is excellent for coughs is plantain. Not the fruit but the herb.  This can be used to soothe a dry cough and to ease the sensation that you get from painful tissue caused by coughing and irritation. Plantain releives the dryness and irritation while moistening the lungs. Plantain is also a cooling herb plantain that is nutritious and edible, containing calcium, and high amounts of vitamins A, C, and K.

Plantain is an ally herb to those who have chronic lung or breathing issues. It is an expectorant and helps expel mucus from the lungs, bronchi and trachea. This can be a herb you use for viral or flu related coughs caused by allergens. So those of us who suffer through Spring and Summer try this. If you have someone afflicted with the symptoms of this virus that is plaguing many now, this herb can be added to your survival kit.

FLU-like Symptoms

Now in case of a flu you can support your system with a few things like Yarrow, Elderberry and Echinacea. If you know anything about me you know that I have been using Elder for about 6 years now without fail. It is hands down the most potent immune modulator and fever “reliever” I know. Immune modulators regulate the immune system and inhibit the replication of viruses. You can use them the prevent or revolver from flu or. Flu like symptoms.

There is a warning, elder berry seeds contain glycosides which when consumes raw can cause nausea. If you have a autoimmune disease use a yarrow elixir or tonic instead.  


Yarrow on the other hand eases sinus congestion, soar throat and is very supportive but you have to use it at the first sign of any infection because it is a preventative. If you are overheating Yarrow relieves heat symptoms.


Echinacea while it is an old herb food that you have probably been using for years now,  but its good to know what it actually does for your system. It actually alleviates colds and also boosts immune functions. 


Let’s take something as simple as mint it’s so delicious when used fresh but we underestimate it. It can take you through fever and stomach issues because it is anti microbial.


Mallow is another such plant which is less popular but a demulcent or gel-like so this means it hydrates the mucus membranes. The thick slippery attributes can help to soothe your throat. Now here’s the most interesting thing if you sit mallow herb in cold water it becomes most gel-like. In hot water it isn’t as slippery. This herb can be added to food such as cooked quinoa or bulgar making it easier to consume for its supportive attributes..

Fortified Family Remedies:

Now here are a few concoctions that you can make to keep your family fortified…

Fortifying tea blend

I like the tea blend of elderberry, yarrow and mint. Boil the elderberry first then steep for 20 minutes on low then add your yarrow and mint. Steep for another 10 minutes and then strai and drink. If you add ginger to this you can make it into a cool summer drink.  

Mucus Cleanse

Mullein since it is a excellent supportive herb for the lungs can be combined with Yarrow to make a steam that will release mucus while soothing the lungs and breathing pathways.

Plantain Poultice

A poultice is used directly on the skin , it is a crushed paste of pulp. This is evenly smeared (At 1 inch thickness) across the chest area of the individual. Use a piece of gauze or even wide bands of linen cloth to secure the poultice in place. Whole leaves can be used. A poultice can be made with fresh herbs (boiled in a little water) or fresh herb nothing else.

Hot Poultice: Has a healing muscle relaxant effect and can increase circulation

Cool Poultice: Has a soothing and of course cooling effect

Dry Herb Poultice

  • Gather the dried herb you need
  • Add it to a pot with small amount of water to moisten the herb (if you want a cold outline let it cool before applying, a hot poultice must be made and tested so it does not scald the skin)
  • In a motor and pestle, work the herb into a paste
  • Spread the pulp mix across targeted area
  • Wrap the muslin or linen over the area (use plastic Wrap over this, it keeps the juices in contact with the target area)

Fresh Herb Poultice

  • Gather the fresh herb you need
  • Add it to a mortar and pestle and work the herb into a paste
  • Spread the pulp mix across targeted area
  • Wrap the muslin or linen over the area

Herb is food is medicine. Stay Fortified. Stay Royal

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