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Detox Made Easy Part 1

Juice blends such as smoothies help to keep you energized during a detox protocol.

How can you support your body’s natural detox function?

As I am getting ready to close out my recent 1 month detox and fast, I thought of sharing some information about detoxification. The body detoxes naturally. However, when the body does not detox, as designed, many diseases can occur. Some of these you are familiar with such as dementia, heart disease, liver issues, blood and iron deficiencies, asthma, being overweight, obesity and much more. The body is equipped with organs to support natural detox. If organs such as the liver, kidney, and skin are not supported then they cannot function adequately.

Winter or cold seasons are not the best times to fast because during fasting or detox regiments the body becomes cold. That is because digestion of food creates internal heat. Food creates heat as measured by calories. Early fall and spring or even the summer are great times for detox protocols.

On a typical fast the body prepares to detox by removing nutrient intake. The detox regiment we are exploring utilizes mono fruit meals for two weeks followed by liquid juices for another week. This particular regiment uses both liquids with fiber and liquids without fiber. This is a modified fast, and is ideal for beginners. It is also a great option for those younger or older family members for the purpose of cleansing and detoxification.

Many diseases are caused by toxins, poisons or carcinogens. These sit in the body, blood or colon. Toxins, poisons and excessive compounds build up from putrified foods and residual parts of undigested food, chemical additives in foods that we unknowingly consume daily and pollutants in the air such as benzene from gasoline, water pollutants and even pseudo estrogens found in tiny parts of plastic. If you are doing a detox or fast regiment, eating a mono diet for 1-3 days before your detox begins is a great way to support your system. It conditions you spiritually, mentally and physically and helps the body to make that transition from solid food to juice. Eventually you may try a fast, which eliminates all food and water consumption.

Easy Detox Steps For Success:

  • Consume a pre-diet of grapes only for one day, followed by other simple mono-diet (* grapes are an excellent detox fruit)
  • On day two you can have a raw salad
  • For the third day Try a mono-diet of apples or melons
  • Flush the system by doing a water fast (drinking only water for 24 hours) Sometimes High sodium content in foods causes the body to release an anti -diuretic which results in the system retaining water. Therefore, increasing the water in the system aids in flushing the excess salts out therefore reducing water weight. So one day of a water fasting before beginning you detox regimen helps to hydrate the system and also release excess water.
  • Reduce or eliminate salts save for natural fruits or vegetables which may have some sodium content such as tomatoes, celery. Eliminating salts goes hand in hand with the increase of water intake. Also remove processed unnatural sugars as well.
  • Remove complex foods from the diet over a period of time to aid or ease the digestive pathways. The less work your body has to do to break down heavy creams and diary, meats, complex carbohydrates, and saturated chain fatty acids, the easier your body can kickstart it’s natural detox function.
  • Add fruit for a few days to increase your body’s access to prebiotics and to keep you hydrated. A two week fast with mono meals of fruit or mono diets of fruit daily is ideal.
  • The fruit you add can be high in water content. This, along with the fruit fibers and prebiotics will support the gut.
  • Fruit gives you access to nutrients and energy during the fast or detox period, but it also aids in supporting the systems’ elimination process.
  • You can drink whole foods by making shakes and or soups by blending or juicing (The liquid still requires the digestive system to process but there is less strain on the gut and the system works less to process these liquids. At this stage of your detox, juices help replenish any lost minerals and rebuild the blood.
  • Elimination will be reduced (this depends on if you opt for juiced liquids instead of blended liquids such as smoothies )
  • In case of reduced elimination, you can take some psyllium husk

*Mono-diet means that you consume one single type of fruit all day. If you choose apple then you eat meals of apple only all day
* Mono-meal refers to eating one specific fruit or food at each meal. So maybe you eat apples only for breakfast, then grapes only for lunch and cucumbers only for dinner.

How Can You Remain Active?

● Supplement daily with an ounce of chlorophyll in water. Chlorophyll is a chemical formed in the cells of green plants. It is similar in chemical structure to hemin the part of hemoglobin that carried oxygen in our blood. The difference is that chlorophyll bonds are connected by magnesium while hemin is bound by iron.
● Chlorophyll acts as a general antiseptic, supports the building of blood, heals
wounds and supports tissue cell regrowth.
● When fasting chlorophyll will give a great energy boost so you can be active
● Being in the sun is also energizing if you are weak

Myth Buster:

The fasting myth that your body is consuming itself is inacurrate and comes from European suspicion and mythology.

During fasting the body removes mucus that was sitting inside of the body.
By the third day the small intestine empties itself and that is when the cravings occur. Do not let those cravings ruin your detox goals. Check out our Detox Made Easy Part 3, on May 27th, for herbal teas that you can use to help you during a detox.

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