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So, You Think You Don’t Need To Detox?

When we think about detox we primarily preoccupy ourselves with the things that we encounter, consume or even put on our skin that can create levels of toxins in our bodies. However we don’t think about the unsuspecting toxins, we don’t think about the air pollutants and the water pollutants as much. Yet these are important to consider when you think about a detox, especially if you feel like you’re at your optimum health.

However, when you consider pollutants that you are exposed to, especially if you live in a metropolis there is exposure with an overabundance of traffic. Even in an industrial area or industrial city you really need to pay attention to the levels of pollutants that you are exposed to.

Air Pollutants

Air pollutants can cause a variety of different ailments, allergies, damaged cells in the respiratory system, stress on the heart, asthma, emphysema, and the list goes on. When I say air pollutant, I’m not just referring to the smog that we can see. Air pollutants are inclusive of such things as nitrates, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide. Then there’s formaldehyde, and any indoor pollutant, also benzene, which you come into contact with at any gas station.

Introducing regular detoxifying foods, herbs and protocols in your and your family’s regimen supports the body. It helps to build an environment where the organs can function properly and release toxins efficiently.

So let’s talk about the presence of benzene and exposure to the way extended periods can cause harmful effects on the bone marrow. A decrease in red blood cells can automatically cause or lead to amenia. So you want to pay attention to that. If you find yourself anemic, maybe, just maybe, it could be due to overexposure to levels of toxins. Specifically, benzene will decrease the level of red blood cells. Now, benzene can also have side effects on the immune system which opens you up for infection.

Remember, we spoke heavily on the immune system, supporting it and building it knowing fully well that if the immune system is down. It exposes your body by weakening its defensive system.

What of water pollutants?

Some water pollutants to consider are pharmaceuticals, high levels of chlorine, which many of us are aware of, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, arsenic, and radioactive contaminants as well. Arsenic has been found in many different varieties or brands of bottled water. So pay attention to the brand and the types of water that you consume, do the research, make sure that the levels of arsenic are extremely low.

Another toxin to consider is the presence of pseudo-estrogens and microplastics . Pseudo- estrogens are actually dissolved particles from plastic that can influence or have hormonal effects on the body (both men and women)

Micro-plastics Are small components of plastics that dissolve somewhat into the water that we drink, specifically bottled water. Or into foods or liquids stored in plastic. Regardless of what you do, please pay attention to your sources of water.

Considering all of the pollutants, some of the water pollutants are found in the home… just open up your pipe right now. That water is heavy and filled with fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals that are used to treat water. We hear that chemicals are used to purify water. Yes, Who does not want purified water, but it is also used because those specific chemicals do not damage the piping, used to deliver water. It is not affected by purifying agents but we are.

What they don’t want you to know

What is true is that the system is not willing to spend the amount of money necessary to replace all lead pipes and yes it is not just the pipes in the building. All of the pipes that have been laid down or the delivery system those pipes were soldered with lead when they were first placed down so it’s important to think about your sources of water.

Toxic buildup in the system can lead to some of the aforementioned ailments and diseases that of allergies, damaged cells in the respiratory system, and asthma. It seems that most youth walk around with an asthma pump stashed somewhere. You know that’s not normal. It’s not normal for young children to constantly feel as if they have to exert themselves they would have to run for an asthma pump. There’s something wrong with that.

So, this proves that no matter how healthy of a dietary lifestyle that one has overall, making time to detox is very important because of how many different pollutants, we are exposed to. Relieving the body of toxins is really important, you have to create the space and time to rid the body consistently and detoxing is the most appropriate way to support your system.

Foods that support toxin detox:

Parsley- specifically removes toxic metal Build-up in the blood and tissue

Yellowdock- an excellent blood cleanser, but it builds the iron in the blood.

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Reset Your Mind Detox

Reset Your Mind is a detox system designed by Sovereign Eats. It gives the body an opportunity to reset so that organs can begin to function and detox normally, which is the way the body was divinely designed.

What type of protocol is Reset Your Mind?

This system utilizing juice blends (juiced or blender drinks or soups, your choice), soups, teas, and tinctures to cleanse  your organ system. We also include sound healing exercises every morning, meditation exercises and or affirmation (also referred to as prayer). This RESETTING of our mental functioning and understanding about food will push our bodys into a state of reset as well.

Benefits will include:

-Reduced levels of mucus in the system

-Cleared sinuses

-Increased levels of energy

-Elevated states of mental clarity

-Spiritual alignment/balance will manifest itself in different ways

During the juice fast we use juices so that fasting results are more intense and nutrient intake is low on calories. Reset Your Mind detox protocol was designed so that your mind resets your body’s functioning. This is by divine design. 

When we talk about a detox we know now that we are creating the environment to allows the body to function the way it was designed to. A body that naturally detoxes, like clockwork. This particular protocol utilizes liquid juice blends, which refers to juiced juices using a juicer or blended drinks or soups. We will also utilize teas and tinctures to cleanse and rebuild the organ systems. This resetting of our mental functioning and understanding about food will help to push the body into a state of reset as well. 

Who can benefit from this protocol?

This protocol Reset Your Mind organ cleanse was developed to work well for those who are purpose driven, objective and clear about their goals. It can be used for a period of seven days to 21 days, and can be extended beyond. It can be done most effectively for 6 weeks, focusing on a new organ system each week. But you will also find that when we look at the different organ systems, you will be doing six systems and then resetting every six days, even though you’re working with cycles of seven days. Now, during the juice fast, we use juices and soups so that fasting results are more intense. The fibers are retained in soups encouraging a healthy system of absorption, metabolism and elimination.

A week at a glance:

The protocol’s manual outlines the different juices for the day and the soup blends, including teas and tinctures that you can use to supplement each particular organ system. Using the blended juices,results in high nutrient intake, but low calories. This is because we are not consuming fats and sugars. There are tips and tricks and modifications that can be incorporated. Here is a quick overview:

  • Day 1 – focuses on the organ system that we call the lung and immune system and that includes the long the large intestine the skin and body here, including your nose.
  • Day 2- focuses on the heart system and our heart system incorporates the heart the small intestine, the blood vessels and your tongue. All supported by the teas and tinctures outlined in the manual on the organic cleanse protocol called reset your mind. 
  • Day 3 – will be the liver, these organs are the liver, the gallbladder, your tendons and your eyes. 
  • Day 4- zooms in on the kidney, which includes the kidney, the urinary bladder, your bones, your ears and law or offices, law or fusses, meaning openings in your body in the lower parts of your body 
  • Day 5- the spleen incorporates the spleen, the stomach muscles and your mouth.
  • Day 6- That’s where we will close off the cycle of systems, ( we are not closing off total detox cycle only the first rotation of the systems)
  • On Day 7- repeat any day you choose.

How it works

When you begin your second week, there is a restarting of the cycle of the systems again. Going back to the very first system which was the system of the lung. Then we continue to work through cycles revisiting each one of them up until your last day.

A calendar and or chart of the detox cycles will be provided for you as a visual cue to support you. It’s up to you to incorporate a one week, which is seven divisions, or seven days, or you want to incorporate a 21 day

This protocol helps you to go back through each system. However, another modification that’s outlined in the manual addresses this fast for 21 days. You focus on one organ system every seven days. It allows for more time to work on each system over a longer period of time.

What was the driving force behind this protocol?

Now the driving force behind this detox protocol is healing and regeneration. This came on the heels of my own battle with toxic buildup, fatigue and small Polycystic growths in my uterus. These growths caused severe pain and made it difficult to functioning on most days. It was a bit strange because at that time I was fully immersed in a 100% raw vegan lifestyle. I thought it was strange But did not realize that such a strict raw vegan lifestyle was like an ultimate cleansing process. The intake of such dense and clean nutrients actually caused my body to push out the infection.

Listen to the accompanying podcast Episode 7 – Reset Your Mind Detox for more on my healing journey and what brought me to the development of such a beneficial and effective detox protocol.

Please leave responsible comments, ask questions and find a link to purchase your copy before they become available to everyone else. Like share and subscribe to our Podcast Sovereign Eats and tune in to our I.G Lives on Tuesdays. Check out our most recent IGTV Live on Instagram and YouTube, we are Sovereign Eats. 

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Raw Food on a Budget

This is our raw vegan version of Pizza

A Raw food vegan lifestyle can be accomplished even if you are on a budget. It can be expensive if you try to maintain a raw life that focuses on gourmet food prep. Food prep which includes such thing as as calorie-dense pies, cakes, and treats, which many unconsciously indulge in. To be successful with the transition to a raw vegan life on a budget, you have to identify the purpose of your transition and your health goals. 

Purpose driven change

Consider recreating yourself by looking at the solutions and lifestyle that are suitable for your circumference. Let this drive your focus. Nia is purpose, it is a necessary part of your success. First identify what level of raw food life style is for you; high raw, 50%, or 100%. Next consider how to include raw foods. TrY raw foods for three days out of the week, and then four days of cooked food. This method however, may prove to be a slower way to achieve your health goals. These goals and considerations will drive many of the decisions you make about what to purchase, prepare, and eat.

Staple supplements

On a budget, you want to identify the top 3-5 ( depending on budget) superfood supplements that you are willing to pay for no matter what. Take advantage of in-store sales, holiday sales from websites such as, vitacosts, Mountain Rose Herbs, and even Amazon. However also consider local NYC stores such as Ujamma Health food stores, Sacred Vibes Apothecary of Brooklyn and Zola’s Original Herbal Remedies of Queens.

Best Practices:

  • You strategically buy fruits and vegetables in season from large scale farmers markets or fresh local markets. You save lots of money by buying fresh local produce and can also score affordable organic produce. Or you can join a food coop or CSA near you. ( 
  • Purchasing from local farmers’ markets provides several advantages; access to locally grown and less expensive produce of high nutritional value and quality. Farmers’ markets carry local produce with a short travel time from farm to table. Shorter travel time means produce is picked at its ripest. 
  • Consider coupling your local purchases with fresh food delivery. Look for companies that pride themselves on reducing food waste. They provide access to fresh organic produce that may be ugly or unfit in appearance fro the regular market. (
  • Plan your meals to ensure that you buy greens that you use throughout the week in a variety of different dishes with different flavors. The key is to plan with variety in mind. Several meal planner apps are available to support your journey choose one and stick with it.
  • Use high-quality produce because those have high nutrient content. These provide the body with more enzymes and nutrients therefore you will find yourself eating less.
  • Nuts and seeds can be costly. However, sunflower seeds are highly nutritious and are also lower in fat content than most nuts and seeds. It is important to soak them to ensure full digestibility and assimilation by the body. Sprout nuts and seeds because the nutrient content increases. They are versatile and can be used for sauces, pate, burgers, spreads, etc. 
  • Use herbal infusions to supplement – many root herbs are rich in minerals and support the body system on a cellular level

We will be adding more tips on nuts, seeds and sprouting. If you cannot find details that you wish to know, please leave a responsible comment.

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How to Build Your Gut Brain Connection Part 2

You can build your gut brain connection with just a few easy shifts. The gut contains over 100 million neurons. As a result, an imbalance with this connection leads to several problems which manifest when you have gastrointestinal issues (Chronic). This podcast looks at additional solutions and food tips to successfully deal with gut brain issues. Also try out the delicious tulsi tea that you can use as a daily gut rebuilder.

Why do My G.I issues persist?

Trauma, anxiety, vicarious trauma and fear will induce painful gut experiences such as gastric ulcers, pancreatic cancer, peptic ulcers, diverticulitis, malabsorption and other issues. One particular nerve, the vagus nerve, communicates directly with your brain. The gut’s main role makes it a crucial system that we should maintain with the utmost care and attention. The health benefits include supporting strong immune and digestive systems, and optimal brain function.

Pre-biotics for excellent gut support

Prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes support gut bacteria and aid in the break down of food. Probiotics are live micro-organisms (Microbiota) or substances which contain the live organisms. Probiotics maintain or improve the “good” bacteria in the body. On the other hand, a prebiotic is a food (typically high-fiber foods) that nourishes human microflora. In other words prebiotics feed the probiotics. Enzymes, however, are specific to the type of foods digested and act as catalysts during the break down of foods. The body creates enzymes in the stomach, the mouth etc. yet the majority are produced by the pancreas.

Prebiotics are available in high fiber foods and are easy to access if you have a rich plant- based diet. These fibers are indigestible to you but are food for the Microbiota. If the majority of your diet consisted of junk foods or even highly processed food, it means that there are no left over unprocessed inulin to feed the probiotics. So here is what I need you to do… Explore raw greens such as dandelion greens, chard, watercress, and, jicama. Of course you can purchase items which contain probiotics but some of your best options are fermented foods such as kefir, yogurt, and kombucha which you can make from scratch.

Enzymes such as proteolytic enzymes break down proteins

Proteolytic enzymes (proteases) help you digest the proteins in food. Although your body produces these enzymes in the pancreas, certain foods also contain the proteolytic enzymes be of Papain and Bromelien papain from papayas and bromelien from pineapples. Using these foods or buying and taking these enzymes are only necessary if you pancres does not produce the naturally occurring proteolytic enzymes… these enzymes are actually peptides which break down protein into amino acids.

Food sources for building the gut brain axis; solutions and food tips

Papaya and pineapple are two of the richest plant sources, as attested by their traditional use as natural “tenderizers” for meat. Papain and bromelain are enzymes found in these fruits. The enzymes made in your body are called trypsin and chymotrypsin. The primary use of proteolytic enzymes is as a digestive aid for people who have trouble digesting proteins. These enzymes are absorbed easily internally and may reduce pain and inflammation.

You don’t need to get proteolytic enzymes from food, because the body manufactures them (primarily trypsin and chymotrypsin). However, deficiencies in proteolytic enzymes do occur, usually resulting from diseases of the pancreas (pancreatic insufficiency). Symptoms include abdominal discomfort, gas, indigestion, poor absorption of nutrients, and passing undigested food during elimination.

Your Gut Brain to do list:

  • Take a probiotic ¾ of an hour before breakfast
  • Consume foods high in probiotics; home made coconut yogurt, fermented garlic, kombucha, kimchi (if you are into Asian foods), fermented ginger,
  • Consume high fiber greens and vegetables which contain insulin and prebiotics
  • Reduce or remove foods that are like kerosene to a fire on the gastrointestinal tract (especially If you have a bad gut)
    • Diary (Milk, cheese, creams,)
    • Hybridized wheat (substitute with. Spelt, kamut, coconut)
    • Refined sugar (Remove or substitute with date water syrup, stevia drops, or other sweet fruit)
  • Use herbs to rebuild the gut lining: (Yes the intestine is the most highly regenerative organ in your body, every 7 days the intestinal lining regrows):
    • Aloe – heals stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and colitis. You can cut a piece and eat the clear fleshy inside. Make sure to cut carefully so you do net eat the Alain sap which can have a laxative effect
    • Slippery elm
  • Stay away from Cortisone, it aggravates digestive issues and IBS and prevents the body from receiving or registering inflammation
  • P.A.N.I.C Promptly Answer Natures Immediate Call
  • Apply a Castor oil compress – breaks congestion in the colon and helps you To have easier elimination. (Castor oil easily penetrates tissue and will go through to the colon walls)
  • Drink more water

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How to Build the Gut Brain Connection

Is the food you are consuming recking havoc on your gut? Maybe you have chronic stomach issues, feel a sense of perpetual brain fog, perplexity, feeling of worry or maybe even indigestion, inflammation of your stomach lining or acid reflux. Maybe all of your digestive issues are solely due to the state of your emotions and how you respond to said emotions. It is also possible that the foods you consume are the source of pain. The Gut is definitely connected to the brain, this episode is a great beginners exploration into that strong and unshakable feeling that you have. The feeling that tells your brain what’s going to happen next. Heal the gut and heal your mind.


Your stomach produces secretions to aid in the digestion of food but it doesn’t work alone. It does not function independent of the brain nor does the brain function independent of the gut. A matter of fact we could even say that the stomach is like a second brain. The messages from the stomach to the brain have a drastic effect on mood, and influences the increase of stress and anxiety. In other words your stomach can influence you behavior. A great example is the way we behave when we are driven by hungry or desire for a particular food. A more profound sample is the term”butterflies in my stomach” to indicate anxiety, nerves, uncertainty etc. The brain is therefore processing the guts responses and producing specific behaviors.

The brain gut connection leads us back to a place where we must examine what the gut is made of. Microbiota is the name of the micro-organisms present in the gut. Now no two guts are the same. So the strain of microbiota I have may be completely different from those that function in you. However we do have some micro-biota markers that are common to every human. This is fascinating as it helps to show how various people need very different foods, dietary lifestyles and healing modalities.

Herbs to Support Your Gut Brain issue

Reduce tension, over anxiety and nerves by using herb tinctures such as

Your diet should be customized, here is what you can do:

Skull Cap

Blue Violet

Blue vervain rebuilds the nervous system

Oatstraw is an everyday herb that is restorative and nutritionally potent.

Follow us instagram and subscribe to listen to our next informative podcast. Find out what you could be doing that irritates the gut brain connection, which foods to remove from your diet and a few wonderful enzymes that will support optimum digestion.

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Detox Made Easy Part 3

Herbal detoxification – 5 Herbs that Work

Here are five of my favorite herbs for detoxifying the body and providing protection on a physical and spiritual level. These work with the 4 major elimination channels; the skin, the lungs and bronchial passages, the kidneys, and the bowels.


Burdock is a nourishing herb that is purifying. It strengthens the body and relieves chronic disease, inflammation (acne, boils, cold sore), herpes, hemorrhoids, fungus and psoriasis. It has fiber, protein, vitamin A & C, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, chromium and selenium. Due to the abundance of vitamins and minerals it is a tonic and an adaptogen. Dried burdock root is easy to attain at an apothecary, however, fresh burdock can be found at local markets. The leaves also aid with gout when applied to the soles of the feet.


This herb is feminine and is related to the element of water and the planet Venus. Her power is that of protection and healing to those who wish to discover her properties. Burdocks protective power is harnessed when used in incense or sprinkled around the home.

Yellow dock

Yellow dock with its distinct yellow gold color is another food with the well known title “crispus”. This bitter herb root Rumex Crispus, is a potent liver detoxifier and blood cleanser while equally providing high iron levels that will build the blood over time. It builds blood by rebuilding hemoglobin after blood loss. It is ideal for those who are anemic but need to detox at the same time. Due to how tough it can be on the liver consume the tincture for 2 weeks after which you can skip a week or two before resuming it.


It’s bright furry button flowers of spring litter lawns across the U.S. Dandelion is an endocrine booster and a great tonic. As for its action on the body, dandelion is nutritive and tones the body. Use dandelion for its action on the digestive, immune, lymph, circulatory and reproductive systems. It helps with middle age onset diabetes. Dandelion removes toxins without depleting the system of nutrients and minerals by replacing these after cleansing. It promotes kidney function as well as the movement of bile from the gallbladder and liver.

There is so much to say about its nutritional and mineral content such as vitamin A, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium. It’s chromium content aids in lower blood sugar levels, as a result it is an herb for diabetics on the other hand one who is receiving dialysis or has kidney failure must not take dandelion because of its high levels of potassium.


My nourishing ally herb Dandelion, who I will loan to you for a bit of healing is a truly powerful food. It is connected to the orisha Shango and is a masculine herb with its element being air. Dandelion’s planetary ruler is Jupiter. It’s roasted root is used as a substitute for coffee but this can be used to promote ones psychic ability. Of course this is no replacement for your own personal meditation and trance work.

Red Clover

Red clover is a blood cleanser that helps to clear up skin issues and well known for having cancer fighting properties. This herb is a lymphatic support, preferably only use its full blossoms for herbal decoctions. “Reds” high levels of vitamin A and C make it an excellent supportive herb for cervical changes, menopausal issues. Make sure to identify Red Clover properly during the midsummer, it can be confused for sorrel.


This particular herb is a phenomenal support for weight loss because it breaks down fatty deposits. It is a vitamin C rich herb and as such is great for soothing colds. It clears blockages similarly to cayenne while removing skin cysts and supporting the kidney.


Very little is known of chickweed’s spiritual properties yet it is used as a floor wash to maintain peaceful homes.

Herbs have a range of properties ranging from detoxifying with a bitter taste, nutritious which is sweet, digestive which is normally sour and hydrating which is salty to the taste. Knowledge Of herbs in this crucial time allows us to match the herbal properties with the symptoms while support our body’s elimination pathways.

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Detox Made Easy Part. 2

The Healing Power of Colorful Foods to Support Your Detox Protocol

Color matters:

During a detox or a liquid fast you naturally want to consume green juices. You hear how good they are for you and how much nutrients they contain, but do you really know what various juices contain based on their color compounds? Based on the color and nutritional composition of the color compounds or carotenoids, how do they function to support your system? How can you use the healing power of colorful food to improve you detox?

This article takes a very quick look at the various colors of the fruit and vegetable spectrum and its nutritional benefit to the body, mind and spirit. As we explore the healing power of colorful food you will come across a few terms that will help to broaden your knowledge, as well as keep you informed about the active components found in your favorite foods. Also consider exploring the fact that our body is a shrine or an altar (temple) and the foods we bring to our shrine are offerings.

It is important to note that many foods though not visibly colored contain some or most of these food colors that we will discuss. Hawthorn berry is one such example, a red food that contains Beta-Carotine, dispute its reddish pigmentation research does not indicate the presence of lycopene. At least not as far as we know.

The color of your juice indicates specific nutritional characteristics and healing properties, so design your drinks thoughtfully:


● Red foods speed up circulation, creating fire and heats up the body. Red foods affect the psyche and is used to increase energy. Also, reds strengthen your psyche, increase motivation and courage. Red foods such as beet, hawthorn berry are excellent for blood circulation, blood building and heart health. Some foods contain lycopene, an antioxidant that fights off toxins that can cause DNA and cell damage.

Lycopene is a biochemical term for the red pigmentation that we see in tomatoes, berries, watermelon and other foods. Interestingly, you can access the lycopene from watermelon in its raw state. However tomatoes, as you probably know, need to be cooked. Other lycopene rich foods include guava, papaya (Thai papaya ), and even Roselle Can contain small amounts. Roselle is also called sorrel in the Caribbean islands. Research shows that this carotenoid has increased bioavailability. This means that the body’s ability to absorb and process increases when It is consumed with some type of fat.

Tonics and Elixirs by SOV Eats


● Orange foods have antispasmodic properties and provide excellent alleviation from pains and cramps. These foods strengthen the lungs, and supports those who live in metropolitan cities, where the air is highly polluted. Orange foods also function as an appetite stimulant and affects us emotionally by opening us up to joy and expansiveness. Hence the reason so may fastfood chains utilize this color scheme into their branding.

These foods contain beta carotene associated with protection against heart disease and cancer. Studies also show that consuming vegetables rich in β-carotene for more than once a week reduces the risk of lung cancer. Fruit with this potent pigment like acerola cherry, also called Barbados Cherry, is high in both C and A vitamins. Some other foods include mango, specific palms, some varieties of pumpkin, rose hip fruits and oil palm just to name a few.


● Yellow foods are Moto stimulants and help to move us in the mornings. They strengthen the nerves and digestion and eases constipation.

Dragon’s Elixir ( The Vitamin C Shot)


● Green foods are blood cleansers, natural tranquilizers, and are nutritious. Green work as a psychic and energetic food to balance and to rejuvenate. Think of Ausar, called the green skinned deity, resurrected by Auset and Nebhet. Chlorophyll continues to be one of the highest forms of rejuvenating foods for building the blood and cleansing the bowels and other elimination systems such as the liver.

Chlorella, a green algae, has the highest percentages of pure natural chlorophyll. Chlorella is one of those foods that rebuilding tissues while multiplying the growth rate of beneficial bacteria in the bowels while boosting the immune system. However its benefits does not stop there, because chlorella helps rebuild nerve tissue and aid with degenerative brain and nerve disorders.

Greens Also assist in cleansing and detoxing cadmium, uranium and lead, including the breaking down of persistent hydrocarbons, metallic toxic chemicals such as mercury, arsenic and more. Some greens have high digestible protein content, and digestive enzymes.

Aside from Chlorella there are a wide range of greens which have excellent detoxing effects such as parsley for eliminating heavy metals from the body,


● Blue foods for headaches, spiritual and mental work and are naturally cooling.

Detoxing does not indicate that the protocol and foods do the detoxing. You are resetting the body’s natural environment using the healing power of colorful food. This way you body functions at its optimum and can therefore detox under normal conditions. The hormones and phytoplankton chemicals in food fuels the body and stimulates the glands, and nerves. The mental and emotional body and the mind is also fueled by the various colors of the food spectrum. Using the healing power of colorful food is best way to taste the rainbow.

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Detox Made Easy Part 1

Juice blends such as smoothies help to keep you energized during a detox protocol.

How can you support your body’s natural detox function?

As I am getting ready to close out my recent 1 month detox and fast, I thought of sharing some information about detoxification. The body detoxes naturally. However, when the body does not detox, as designed, many diseases can occur. Some of these you are familiar with such as dementia, heart disease, liver issues, blood and iron deficiencies, asthma, being overweight, obesity and much more. The body is equipped with organs to support natural detox. If organs such as the liver, kidney, and skin are not supported then they cannot function adequately.

Continue reading Detox Made Easy Part 1