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Back To Basics: Vegan vs Plantbased

What does it all mean?

Veganism is about the ethics! 

  • The term vegan was created in 1944 by Donald Watson — an English animal rights advocate and founder of The Vegan Society. Vegan describes a person who avoids using animals for ethical reasons.
  • Veganism expanded to include a diet that excluded animal-derived foods, such as eggs, meat, fish, poultry, cheese, and other dairy products. Instead, a vegan diet includes plant foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes.
  • Now its a movement that focuses on ethics, animal welfare, and environmental and health concerns. 
  • Veganism eventually evolved to focuses on negative effects of modern animal agriculture industry on the planet, as well as the potential negative health effects of eating a diet high in processed meat and choosing saturated over unsaturated fats.

Being Plant based is about ones personal health. In the 1980s, Dr. T. Colin Campbell introduced the term “plant-based diet” a low fat, high fiber, vegetable-based diet that focused on health and not ethics.

Which lifestyle do you lean toward and why? Share your thoughts with us on our YouTube Channel

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We Are Body, Spirit and Soul

The body is the vessel for the spirit and soul and in many ways can be considered a vehicle. It houses and holds the spirit. Spirit is not an eternal form, our thought forms are spirits but cannot take shape or form if not for the brain and the body. Many times we consider the body alone while ignoring the necessity of spirit and the critical importance of the soul.

Our emotional disposition and the personality are dictated by spirit. Spirit is always looking for a vessel of emotion to maintain its movement.

We get into so much more so listen in, and enjoy and tune in to our next episode. Our next live show will be next Thursday evening.

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The Best Herb To Overcome Stress

The best herb to overcome stress is Oatstraw. Avena Sativa is a favorite food medicine for strengthening and toning the nervous system while supporting your endocrine system. Even though 2020’s timeline of events has been utter confusion don’t let it weigh you down. You have to watch the stress levels that you experience in your life because it can compound any moments of depression. Depression doesn’t just develop due to psychological trauma. Depression can develop from sadness which has no identifiable source.

Many times you won’t be able to identify the triggers of the episode or experience. It makes sense to include that there is a spiritual implication here as well. This is because there is a creation of spirit bodies and an absorbing of a consciousness as if it is truth. That consciousness is simply thoughts that we hold onto. Negative thoughts about ourselves based on the material perceptions of the world reality. These thoughts are perceptions that we do not relinquish but rather own. However these are not divine and do not represent our true nature.

Stress and its effects on the body

Anything that causes stress on the body and the mind triggers the production of cortisol. However, it is important to know that liver, digestion, and bowel congestion can lead to depression. Even the overindulgence in alcohol and other drugs that we call recreational is used to counter bouts of depression. Instead, it perpetuates a horrific cycle of codependency and depression.

In this episode, you see the need to use this valuable herb due to the hostile and currently miserable environment.

Oatstraw is the best herb to overcome stress as it is a mineral-rich nerve builder. It supports the system by improving memory, clarity, conscious dreams, bone density, thinking, and coordination. 


  • Improves calm and thinking
  • Supports memory 
  • Nerve tonic


  • Endocrine 
  • Inflammation
  • Strengthening
  • Balance


  • Calcium – low calcium leads to lethargy and anxiety 
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin A, C {higher than the grain}
  • Protein
  • Bioactive minerals 

Additional Resources:

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How To Work Through Mental Health Matters

LaJune Singleton talks to us about working through mental health matters. She is a Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Mindset Strategist, Nutritional Lifestyle Coach. LaJune is also a Cycling Instructor, and Personal Trainer. In this way she has attained over ten years of working experience. Helping busy career woman manage family and obesity, fitness, chronic illnesses, mindset, nutrition, mental/physical health, and injury recovery. She shows us how to work through mental health matters.


In this episode we discuss LaJune’s challenges. This helped to open up a deeper conversation around the need to support and encourage each other. We outline how mental health affected the physical and spiritual parts of her self. As a result of her challenges she turned to trauma eating, weight gain, obesity and a lack of motivation. As a matter of fact, LaJune was in a car accident just before our interview. Even though she was injured we rescheduled. In addition we also had to work around her therapy sessions to make this discussion possible.

Above all, LaJune is a persistent and intentional woman. She shares her experiences in the hope that others are able to overcome their challenges as well. More over, her vulnerability gave me an opportunity to also share. I also reveal one of my stories from my experience as a youth.


​As a result of her consistency all of her high quality interviews and conversations are available on her YouTube channel. In addition, LaJune facilitates programs and workshops that are easily accessible and are packed with applicable tips and ideas. All of the topics she covers show you how to work through mental health matters.

I G:
Website link


“During our conversations we always deliberate on an excerpt from one of my favorite guidebooks. This episode features a quote from “The 14 Keys Power Success and Transformation Unlocked” by Chief Yuya.
We travel through life experiencing what we create based on the thoughts that we offer our attention to most. As our thoughts change, our creative potential changes.
… creative potential changes our life reality changes. As all these components are altering, the nature of our questions are also changing. This means the dynamic statement of our own purpose begins to evolve. We all have a purpose. It is a grave error to live a life without examination and inquisition. There is often a curiosity with the ending of our realities. Of course, this interest revolves around the fear of our current framework of existence ending. Some refer to this moment and event as death.”
Pp 51- 52

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The Sustainability of Sleep

bedroom to induce peaceful, calm and uninterrupted sleep

The sustainability of sleep has been, for the most part, grossly underrated. It is one of the most overlooked tools for recharge and rejuvenation. I would even go as far as saying that sleep is medicine. Sleep is sustainable and has a wide range of benefits. Many of these benefits were not taught, such as the healing of emotional wounds, helping to learn and remember, offering solutions to problems and even preventing sickness and infection.

Have You Underestimated Your Sleep Potential:

Think about it, sleep has been deconstructed into stages with each stage giving rise to specific functioning within the body , mind and the brain. We will get into those details in our second part of this discussion on . However we must understand that no one type of sleep or stage of sleep is sufficient. All three NERM, deep NERM and REM sleep combined have a wholistic benefit that leads to superior brain functioning. I mean we get into the electrical current between the hippocampus and the cortex. We also explain how sleep actually prepares us for new learning and aids in storing knowledge long-term; all of this from the simple tool called sleep. The key is to rest beyond 6 hours for those sleep cycles to complete their stages and activate those benefits.

How You Can Make Sleep Sustainable:

Our rituals are based upon what we see as being the most optimum ways to conduct the flow of divine spirit through our organisms and lives. Every thoughtful routine which becomes a life- giving ritual is an ingredient within the formulation of our reformation. Every thoughtful routine which becomes a life- giving ritual is an ingredient within the formulation of our reformation.

ANU WAY Vol. 1

So this episode, The Sustainability of Sleep, just covers sleep as a routine or ritual because we want you to apply the knowledge first. As you are applying this new sleep ritual, you will learn about the way it fortifies your body and brain function. Which brings me to a few hacks and tips because I love hacks, especially the ones we know we should do but we ignore:

  • Set a solid battle plan and a sleep schedule – maintaining a consistent and structured rest routine is medicine. All month long maintain a structured sleep and watch how quickly it helps to increase immunity, prevent sickness, and aiding in the sustained acquisition of knowledge and memory.
  • Unplug – shutoff electronic devices at least one hour before bedtime, including smartphones, tablets, and the television, and keep them entirely out of the bedroom. Also consider setting your devices to “night mode” after sundown, which alters stimulating blue light.
  • Avoid large meals and snacks before bedtime, instead have a satisfying shake with sea moss. This can be especially important for people who fall asleep but wake up later on, disrupting the sleep cycle. Aim for lighter dinners earlier in the evening and no couch snacks. (Eating a high-protein breakfast and taking bitters with meals help reduce nighttime junk food cravings. )
  • In the evenings Chill Out – use relaxing activities and dim lights. Healthy sleep-wake cycles are supported by exercise but not late-night exercise. Schedule exercise during the morning and midday when the sun is at its zenith. This increases sun exposure which builds the production of serotonin which is then altered to create melatonin.
  • Avoid caffeine after noon (or entirely). While good hydration is important, avoid drinking lots of fluids before bedtime to limit midnight bathroom trips, which will also disrupt the sleep cycles.
  • Keep the bedroom on the cool side, and make up for it with warm socks and just the right amount of blankets to keep you comfy. This isn’t just physical warmth but also energetically as well make certain that you select
  • Wear an eye mask and earplugs if needed only if you share a home with others. Do not use earphones while asleep but play ambient music if needed.
  • Meditate, do deep breathing exercises, and read a boring book. Or do brain-fatiguing puzzles like sudoku, in bed, if you need help shutting off your brain. (This is when I catch up on reading my more technical herb books. I also close the day off with a reading from The ANU Way. The ANU Way offers reflective moments for me at the end of my day and holds me accountable!)

Lack of Sleep Can Lead To:

The sustainability of sleep depends on you, and the lack of sleep can be detrimental. Pay attention to what you consume because the internal cycles you have created may be working in opposition to the circadian cycles. Ask your holistic practitioner if any of your pharmaceuticals, herbs, dietary supplements or food medicines could be disrupting your sleep. Try doing a sleep study and identify what could be sabotaging sleep. Some possibilities may include conditions such as blood sugar dysregulation, apnea, acid reflux, restless leg syndrome, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and much more .

  • Reduced Immune Function: Healthy men and women were nearly three times more likely to catch a common cold when exposed to the virus if they slept less than six hours per night compared to those who slept six to seven hours
  • Weight Gain: Sleeping only ve hours per night caused healthy, young adults to eat more calories, choose less-healthy foods, binge more in the evening
  • Leptin is a hormone that the body produces that forces us to desire food and appears in increased amounts when we are low on sleep
  • Will affect our decision making
  • Mood & Cognitive Issues will develop over time. Skimping on sleep is well-known to make us more emotional and less rational.
  • If sleep deprivation becomes routine, it affects blood sugar imbalances.

The sustainability of sleep should be at the forefront of your planning, and intentionally structured into your day; routine is ritual isn’t it? When you create a battle plan for your daily accomplishments and projects make certain to include a set time for deep sleep. Remember, we all may not feel as if we need alot of sleep. But our brains, hormones and chemical pathways need more than 6 hours to truly support our functionality. Don’t underestimate its potential.

Rest Well

Wellness is Yours,

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Sovereign Sister: 9 Ways To Support Your Plant-Based Feminine Body – Session 1

Supporting your body’s needs and knowing how to balance your nutrients, minerals and energetics for optimum health.

My initial journey into a vegan life began long before the word vegan was popular. I was, at first, fascinated with the idea of consuming a balanced diet without having to depend on meat for “protein”. Back then in order to successfully become vegan, protein substitutes were of utmost importance. I transitioned, nonetheless, to a vegan life very easily with the exception of the nagging need to nibble on cheese. The amazing benefits included; decreased weight, less mucus, a lighter feeling that translates into physical agility, and low levels of menstrual pain and cramping. Surprisingly I committed to eating purely plant based because menstrual pain was the hardest experience for me as I transitioned into the journey of womanhood. Once I discovered the extreme befits of transitioning to a plant-based life I went into plant based

Night Visions of a Remedy

Many healing foods have come to me as an aid for my relatives or friends who were, from one time or another, stuck in disease, unhealthy lifestyles or addictions. The incredible message in most dreams is that they mainly come to you for your own benefit.

In one of my most significant night visions I walked down a dusty, rocky road along the bushy fence of a wooden blue home in what is called Westerhall, St. Davids which is located in Grenada. I knew I was close to Petit Bacaye where my grand aunt Alice lived decades ago. Back then she served us many cups of hot cocoa and fresh fish fried in coconut oil. As the night vision unfolds I walk gazing into the kitchen window of the home. My eyes catch an elderly woman stirring a huge pot. Her wise wrinkled stare holding my gaze as she places bush medicine into the pot. She silently beckoned to me, “come child, you need to drink this bush”. I make a wordless inquiry, “what is it?” And she answers Blessed Thistle, come… learn it and teach them” I walked into her smokey smelling abode feeling safe and open.

That visitation came at the peak of pain and discomfort, over long nights and missed colleges courses. While I looked for the blessed thistle I studied the herb closely and started consuming it in small amounts. In combination with a few other herbs, a strict raw diet, and consistent meditation and breath work my discomfort and pain subcided and yhe source of the pain was rectified.

Herb Foods For Your Medicine Chest

Blessed Thistle:

CAUTION: don’t take if allergic to aster family plants (burdock, chamomile, dandelion, arnica)

Blessed Thistle: Specifically this herb is excellent for young girls transitioning into menstruation as it supports them by easing inflammation. This her also increases circulation so it ensures less clotting and purifies the blood at the same time. It’s active chemical is Cncin, and its bitterness actives digestive activity.


  • For its Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Excellent for female disorders
  • For mothers it’s a galactogouge which means it increases milk production
  • Increases stomach secretions (enzymes, electrolytes, mucin ) and as a result boosts appetite (excellent for elders or those who have a loss of appetite)

Other uses:

  • Liver support
  • Increase bile production

Mothersworts: Lianaris Cardiaca
Her Latin name means the lionhearted one; Lianaris Cardiaca this is indicative of her effect in the bodyith pale pink flowers, this bitter pungent and drying herb can be used in various forms. When I used it I consumed it mostly in tincture form. It is supportive for menstruation, and it definitely eases tension and relaxes you because it is a gentle sedative and muscle relaxant. This was key to the support it gave me in controlling and eliminating pms and menstrual pain. Mother contains alkaloids that ease contractions and muscle spasms in the uterus. Flavonoids aid with pain and discomfort due to its anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Triterpines, a chemical component of this herb works as a pain reliever and helps to support cardiovascular function, and blood circulation. The herbs which support blood circulation tend to support females during their different stages of the menstrual cycle (menstruation, ovulation, follicular, and luteal phases ).

CAUTION: *excessive use of motherwort may interfere with other cardiovascular treatments (this is because it is also a cardiovascular tonic). A tonic herb food is excellent for regularly, daily use over a long period of time, in order to support the body to stay in balanced. Avoid during pregnancy since this herb stimulates the uterus so well.


  • invokes openness, acceptance, and peace
  • protective maternal grace, easing the mind, soothing the womb
  • strengthening, letting the heart feel safe strong


  1. Nourishes and tightens the reproductive system, due to the alkaloids it contains. These have an antispasmodic effect and as a result eases uterine contractions. ( This was one of the main reasons I chose to use this herb because of its ability to ease muscle contraction, which was one of my biggest issues when dealing with menstrual pain)
  2. Eases the tense, and lethargic feeling (b/c relaxing nervine, an antispasmodic )


  • essence
  • tincture
  • tea
  • vaginal steam 

Other uses:

  • pungent and bitter so it can be used as a digestive stimulant
  • also as a cardiovascular tonic ( tonics one certain muscles) 

Pau D’ Arco:

This cleansing herb food is bitter is exceptional for


Maca Root: Since it is a root its high carb yet contains lots of copper, vitamin C, and potassium 

Oatstraw: Avena Sativa
Some of us are allowing fear into our lives, and granted 2020’s timeline of events has been utter confusion. We have to watch the stress levels that we experience in our lives because it can lead to depression. Depression can come on due to various causes. We will explore more of the root and healthy solutions in our upcoming Nourish Me November Series, which will be dedicated to one specific herb and how it supports you.

This is one of my favorite food medicines because it strengthens and tonifies the nervous system and supports the endocrine system. Oatstraw also supports the system by improving memory, clarity, conscious dreams, bone density, thinking, calm and coordination. Mineral rich nerve builder that all ages can indulge and enjoy.

This root naturally supports the body in adapting to stress and specifically reduces the stress steroid hormone called cortisol. Improves mood and reduces anxiety. It is also used world wide and is very popular for lengthening lifespan. Increases strength. Promotes sexual function specifically as it helps with male fertility as we mentioned last strong… (I mention it here today to drive home a point, the key is THE MAN)

Yarrow: Achillea millefolium
Bleeding is a common symptom of uterine fibroids, numerous antihemorrhagic herbs are used in botanical medicine protocols. Yarrow dried plant infusion is perhaps one of the most widely used uterine antihemorrhagics, reliably reducing acute uterine bleeding, but conversely promoting menstrual flow when suppressed. It has been used since ancient times as a styptic. Either dry or fresh plant can be used as a tea or tincture. Many herbalists believe that yarrow herb taken as tea is more quickly effective for stopping acute uterine bleeding than other preparations.  

Shepherd’s purse: Shepherd’s purse (fresh only) has been used traditionally as a uterine antihemorrhagic. Extracts of shepherd’s purse have a hemostyptic action, l Many modern Western herbalists believe that it is imperative to prepare Shepherd’s purse from fresh, not dry, plant material.  

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Homeschooling, Nation-building and Education.

You are probably wondering what does Homeschooling, Nation-building, and Education have in common. Is it safe to say you are also probably considering how these fit into this month’s focus? At the core of these ideals is the culture that is maintained by the woman (the mother). The mother, who receives instruction and direction, passes on the family’s culture to the youth (historical and ancestral lineage). She understands the power of the youth and prepares them to hold that role. Therefore, a nation can only rise as high as its women. They are responsible for imparting that culture passed down to them by the man. The man holds the vision and passes this standard onto the woman who then raises the youth to be the evolution of that culture. They are inherently ambassadors of the culture that is imparted and instilled in them.

Why Is Culture At The Core?

Culture is our way of life and encompasses everything a nation does. Let us consider Kwame Agyei Akoto in his second edition of Nation-building, he says that “culture defines the parameters within which a people act” and it “serves to define the boundaries of thought and behavior that ensure the existence and survival of the nation” That is what a mother instills by the very act of homeschooling. Therefore, we have to recognize that homeschooling is a resistance to the status quo. This considered, homeschooling is therefore an initiating tactic as we all strive to dismantle the stronghold that secular world standards and views have on the family. Chief Yuya author of The Anu Way states that “the culture and habits we invest in are our silent statement. So yes can we more vigilantly and warrior like without words but purely based on movement and action?

Nation-building requires a basis, family.

It is our culture that perpetuates our identifiable compendium of codes and customs. Culture dictates what is allowed and what is not. Therefore, a culture cannot survive if there are no ethics and regulations. These help to ensure that the very spirit of that culture is not violated. In this way we see how culture lets us know what is important to sustain and ensure our survival as a group.

Whole families are requisite for home-schooling to be effective, and cannot be effective if attempted by single parents. The masculine and feminine principles must be in place to ensure the mission statement for the family drives the goals that the woman creates for the children. It is holistic, women will not be clear on what the homeschool goal is if the cultural aspect and values are not there. That aspect dictates what you teach and how you teach. Education will always be a reflection of the nation or community that you function within.

When nation-building, the education of the youth and the adults alike is a critical aspect that affects the following

“Education is the ritualized and reaffirmation of national identity” K. A Akoto

Sequoia’s Favorite Homeschool Resources:

“the culture and habits we invest in are our silent statement”

The ANU Way by Chief Yuya
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5 Ways To Overcome Type 2 Diabetes with Robin Wong

In this episode our guest Robin Wong explores 5 Ways to Overcome Type 2 Diabetes. We know you will enjoy this “healthful”, informative, and mind-expanding episode. We are starting off the Month of May with excitement around the topics that mean the most to you and your family. Sovereign Eats is your resource for the royal way to wellness and good food, we thought it fitting to tackle the basics of diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most rampant diseases amongst people of all ages.

Those who are most at risk are exposed to the following possible effects:

  • Heart Disease
  • Premature death
  • Blindness
  • Kidney failure
  • Amputations
  • Blindness
  • Frailty
  • Fractures
  • Depression
  • Cognitive decline 
  • Cognitive impairment which can develop into dementia 
  • Blood sugar levels is directly connected to shorter lifespan, with higher risks

In this episode we get to the core of the issue by addressing the following areas during this spirited dialogue that probably deserves a part two.
Here is what we cover:

  • “Healthful” terms explained
  • Some of the misunderstandings about Type 2 Diabetes
  • Robin’s system helps to control the disease using nutrition and health management. Some medications function in different ways. For example, one widely used drug reduces the amount of glucose produced in the liver, yet it also makes muscle tissue absorb more glucose. Meanwhile, another popular one increases the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas. Robin explains in detail how her health management works to the benefit of those who suffer from type 2.
  • The current media portrayal of diabetes as a ‘disease of fat people’ and its stigmatizing affect

    After good strong dialogue, we can conclude that the 5 Ways to Overcome Type 2 Diabetes are simpler than you think. These are outlined as mindset, reducing fat content by changing the source of fat because the caloric density of animal based foods affects insulin receptors, shifting to a plant based lifestyle, paying attention to the types of vegan or plant based foods consumed and knowing that exercise isn’t the only factor when controlling type 2 diabetes.

    Please explore some of the awesome tools and resources which Robin has provided for you all:

    Here is a live workshop that she offers, The 3 Ways To Master Blood Sugars Without Dieting, Fasting, Exercising, Or Even Meds

    Robin also shared a delicious 3 meal guide.
    Download 3 Breakfasts to Lower Blood Sugar:

Interested in more information? 
Let’s chat about how I can help you!  Schedule a FREE breakthrough call with me:

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6 Superfoods That Helped Me Transition To A Plant-Based Life Part 2

In our previous post, 3 Reasons I Transitioned To A Plant-based Life Part 1, we explored 3 of my most important motivations for transitioning to a raw plant-based lifestyle. In my transition into a plant-based life, I uncovered many mysteries about herbs used for feminine healing, womb health, and nutritional supplementation. Here is a small but concise listing of each superfood and the value that it can bring to your health and dietary lifestyle. This post only focuses on the superfoods that healed me. Look out for a follow-up podcast and companion blog Nine Herbs to Support Your Feminine Body.

Extensive information, research, and medical documentation on the following superfoods are available for your personal growth and development across the web. I ensure to include more than just their basic healing properties herein. However, you have to do your research on foods since your body may react differently to them. In another food episode, we will talk about different ways to pay attention to your sensitivity to food. That is a clue to the ways the body communicates with you. 


Made from sprouted and fermented wheat berries, this nutrient-dense, probiotic-rich gut health drink is not made by introducing enzymes as catalysts to initiate the culture and ferment it. The wheat berries, when soaked in filtered water, produce a rich liquid. This liquid contains enzymes that develop the fermentation process. 

Rejuvelac aids in supporting the gut, especially for those who are sick, those who consume a limited variety of foods, and those who have issues digesting food properly. The benefits are extensive. The nutrients in this simple drink are proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin C, vitamin E, Vitamin B complex, phosphates, Lactobacillus, and Saccharomyces, and Aspergillus oryzae ( probiotic enzymes may increase immunity).

Benefits of Rejuvelac:

  • Provides friendly Lacto-bacteria into the gastrointestinal tract
  • High levels of enzymes help to re-energize the body by making nutrients available
  • Aids removal of toxins and excess undigested waste material
  • Supports the gut as a digestive aid 
  • Increases the absorption of nutrients leading to a healthy gut-brain connection
  • Encourages regular bowel movements

Energy Soup

Energy Soup is a combination of Rejuvelac, lemon juice, dulse flakes, and sunflower sprouts, with some avocado occasionally. No seasoning, salt, or pepper is used in this food medicine because it aids in blood building, lymphatic cleansing, and rebuilding and supporting a nutrient deficient body.


Supplement daily with an ounce of chlorophyll in water. Chlorophyll is a chemical formed in chloroplast cells of green plants. It is similar in chemical structure to hemin; the part of hemoglobin that carries oxygen in our blood. The one difference is that chlorophyll bonds are connected by magnesium while hemin is bonded by iron.

So why take it? Here is the truth, Chlorophyll acts as a general antiseptic. It also supports the building of blood, healing wounds, and also supporting tissue cell regrowth. Chlorophyll’s blood-building properties come from its ability to convert to heme inside of the body. However, it must make it through the gut without being denatured and then make it to the bloodstream. In the bloodstream, it needs specific enzymes to help it become heme. Some also assert that it is a good source of magnesium, so this is one reason I suggest using it during painful periods. During painful bleeding, cramping can cause moments of semi-paralysis and weakened leg muscles. The magnesium acts as a muscle relaxant and offers cramp relief. 

Life-saving facts about Chlorophyll:

  • During fasting, Chlorophyll will provide an energy boost
  • It helps to flush drug deposits from the blood
  • Neutralizes toxins in the body
  • Neutralizes odor 
  • Purifies the liver
  • Improves blood glucose levels
  • Rebuilds the bloodstream
  • Restricts growth of unfriendly bacteria
  • Used both internally and externally


This algae is a single-celled, abundant source of chlorophyll and is in itself about 58% protein. It also contains carbs, B vitamins, c vitamins, e vitamins, trace minerals, and amino acids. Chlorella is indeed a nutrient-dense complete food while also functioning as a blood cleanser. Research also shows that it can protect against radiation because it contains RNA and DNA. It is highly recommended for menstruating women because the chlorophyll converts to heme which supports its blood-building properties. 


This grass is very high in oxygen, like all green plants that contain chlorophyll. It supports the brain to function optimally and was another nutrient-dense food introduced and popularized by Dr. Ann Wigmore. This nutrient-dense grass contains vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Dr. Wigmore taught that 1 pound of wheatgrass would be equivalent in nutritional value to 25 pounds of high-quality vegetables.

How it supported my system

Wigmore introduced wheatgrass as a therapy for those trying to eliminate cancerous growths and other disorders. The healing components go right back to chlorophyll and its similarity to hemoglobin. The function of wheatgrass is mainly due to its similarity in function as hemoglobin. At the center of a chlorophyll molecule is magnesium. Wheatgrass can support those with anemia, and research shows that it can rebuild blood count to normal after a few days of consuming the juice. Wheatgrass shots have become quite popular for this reason and are ideal for those who follow a plant-based diet and have low iron levels.

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3 Reasons I Transitioned To A Plant-Based Life

An image of creator of Sovereign Eats

The reasons I transitioned to a plant-based life sparked my health journey. Allow me to reintroduce myself, I am Moksha , health food and wellness coach. I attribute my knowledge and passion for food as medicine, to my life experiences, and those who have taught me the healing power of food. My passion is to share and impart knowledge and wisdom of healing food, with an unwavering mission. This mission is to support families and women who need to attain optimum health. Sovereign Eats focuses on the woman and I take a keen interest in the ANU wombmyn.

Unbridled Power

So sisters, this week’s podcast is for the wombmyn, that female energy, the energy of the womb. In Yoruba culture the energy of Oduduwa (Iya agbe- mother who receives) is related to the womb and is aligned to the timing, cycles and order of the earth. This energy or entity is feminine and is therefore naturally receptive. As a woman my femininity too makes me highly receptive. It is a very wise, therefore, to ensure our surroundings, the music we listen to, and the things we consume are of the highest quality. Our receptivity is both our power and can be the path toward our own weaknesses, mentally , spiritually and eventually physically. Whether you are an Iya, a sister, a daughter, a grandma or a aunty please follow this journey. I know it will change your life, it changed mine.

Pain Releases Power

My personal health journey to transition to a plant-based lifestyle began at the age of 14 on the island of Grenada. Growing up in the Caribbean, I naturally gravitated to nutrient rich foods with vibrant colors, intriguing textures and bright tastes. Immersing in nutrition courses and cooking classes,  set the stage for my deep love for Food Alchemy. I  recognized the remarkable power to heal was a pathway to transform the body.  A personal healing experience in my mid teens led to  the discovery of the healing power of plant based food. A plant based diet has a stark contrast to Grenada’s more culturally prevalent diet of meats, dairy, and starch-rich root vegetables. Despite the juxtaposition of nature versus nurture, I successfully transitioned into a plant based lifestyle at 16. This was the pivotal moment of my unwavering commitment to use food as a healing modality. 

What prompted this shift in diet was my new knowledge but once I applied this dietary lifestyle its wisdom revealed itself to me. You see, as a young girl when I experienced menarche, I also experienced a world of pain. With the onset of menstruation I could expect severe cramps in my abdominal, pelvic and upper thigh area. The pain in my thighs were sometimes so severe that I, at times, had periods of paralysis. I would then drag myself across the floor to the restroom.

This went on for some time, however the change in my diet also changed the way I experienced menstruation. The less diary and meats I consumed the easier the experience became. In weeks my body became pain-free and my pain subsided. My cold sweating seized, my bloating and pelvic pains eased but even then I didn’t realize it was the change in my food consumption.

Power Directed

Once I relinquished my omnivorous diet for a vegan lifestyle, I slowly came to the realization; my improvement was attributed to a transition to a pant-based lifestyle. As I maintained the vegan lifestyle my reliance on pain prescription reduced. At that time, and at such a young age I was dependent on a specific painkiller ( almost addicted ) which I mention in my podcast. I never realized that this particular drug was a carcinogen, nor that it had the potential to harm my reproductive organs, amongst other things.

Years later my arrival in the U.S signaled another breakthrough, when I was introduced to a raw vegan lifestyle. This added even more layers to my knowledge. It was supported by my interactions with a few raw vegan families, as well as raw and cooked vegan food coaches and chefs, and wholistic and Ayurvedic practitioners. They imparted knowledge and increased my understanding of healing foods and its positive effects on the body.

Raw Food Healing

This discovery of food’s healing properties continued with a raw vegan family who supported my need to evolve my journey toward optimum health. The strength, bone density and cognitive agility of that family inspired me to further pursue a 100% raw vegan diet. This challenge put my body through a battle with additional womb issues and immense pain. This marked another turning point in my health and wellness journey. Although at that time the transition to a raw vegan lifestyle was in full swing, my body needed even more of a strict regiment to cleanse and clear itself of womb blockages and buildup.

The detox protocol, Reset Your Mind, came on the heels of this battle with toxic buildup, fatigue, small growths in the uterus. These caused severe pain and difficulty functioning from day to day. By then the raw vegan lifestyle change began to starve the growths. The consumption of healing foods pushed infection out of my system. As a result this formed cysts causing inflammation throughout my body leading to serious pain. Food is medicine. A liquid detox regiment, Reset Your Mind, which I developed, moved toxic waste out of my bloodstream and system. It ultimately starved the cysts. Yet that was not the only thing that offered me healing. The regimen that I used also included the powerful healing drink Rejuvelac, daily bowls of Energy soup, wheatgrass and chlorophyll shots and juiced grapes. (Check out Part. 2 of this series to get the scoop on all of these foods)

Pursue Your Own Transition to a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Today, Sovereign Eats, is a movement, business and path toward the evolution of the woman and the family she graces with loving nourishment. A healthy, royal way to wellness and good food. We provide personal coaching, meal planning, meal prep tips, juice fast protocols, knowledge of various food supplementation, food alternatives, and vegan food recipes. Sovereign Eats utilizes the knowledge of various Raw Food Healers; Ancestral food alchemists in our lineage, Yami Bates-Jones- Fire without Flame (Honor to our community ancestor), Dr. Karin Dina, Laila Afrika, Dr. Sebi, Dr. Armeni, Ann Wigmore, Dr. Milton Mills and more.

We are constantly trying to recreate foods and entice the taste buds while nourishing the body. The focus is to maintain immune system stability, mineralized blood and increase stamina throughout the day. The reasons I transitioned to a pant-based lifestyle is larger than my own healing and wellness journey; the reason is you. Now my reason for transitioning is much clearer than what it was years ago. Our intention is that our Sovereign Eats, consultations and coaching sessions awaken you to optimum health.

I give to you healing wisdom that my journey continues to give to me.