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3 Reasons I Transitioned To A Plant-Based Life

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The reasons I transitioned to a plant-based life sparked my health journey. Allow me to reintroduce myself, I am Moksha , health food and wellness coach. I attribute my knowledge and passion for food as medicine, to my life experiences, and those who have taught me the healing power of food. My passion is to share and impart knowledge and wisdom of healing food, with an unwavering mission. This mission is to support families and women who need to attain optimum health. Sovereign Eats focuses on the woman and I take a keen interest in the ANU wombmyn.

Unbridled Power

So sisters, this week’s podcast is for the wombmyn, that female energy, the energy of the womb. In Yoruba culture the energy of Oduduwa (Iya agbe- mother who receives) is related to the womb and is aligned to the timing, cycles and order of the earth. This energy or entity is feminine and is therefore naturally receptive. As a woman my femininity too makes me highly receptive. It is a very wise, therefore, to ensure our surroundings, the music we listen to, and the things we consume are of the highest quality. Our receptivity is both our power and can be the path toward our own weaknesses, mentally , spiritually and eventually physically. Whether you are an Iya, a sister, a daughter, a grandma or a aunty please follow this journey. I know it will change your life, it changed mine.

Pain Releases Power

My personal health journey to transition to a plant-based lifestyle began at the age of 14 on the island of Grenada. Growing up in the Caribbean, I naturally gravitated to nutrient rich foods with vibrant colors, intriguing textures and bright tastes. Immersing in nutrition courses and cooking classes,  set the stage for my deep love for Food Alchemy. I  recognized the remarkable power to heal was a pathway to transform the body.  A personal healing experience in my mid teens led to  the discovery of the healing power of plant based food. A plant based diet has a stark contrast to Grenada’s more culturally prevalent diet of meats, dairy, and starch-rich root vegetables. Despite the juxtaposition of nature versus nurture, I successfully transitioned into a plant based lifestyle at 16. This was the pivotal moment of my unwavering commitment to use food as a healing modality. 

What prompted this shift in diet was my new knowledge but once I applied this dietary lifestyle its wisdom revealed itself to me. You see, as a young girl when I experienced menarche, I also experienced a world of pain. With the onset of menstruation I could expect severe cramps in my abdominal, pelvic and upper thigh area. The pain in my thighs were sometimes so severe that I, at times, had periods of paralysis. I would then drag myself across the floor to the restroom.

This went on for some time, however the change in my diet also changed the way I experienced menstruation. The less diary and meats I consumed the easier the experience became. In weeks my body became pain-free and my pain subsided. My cold sweating seized, my bloating and pelvic pains eased but even then I didn’t realize it was the change in my food consumption.

Power Directed

Once I relinquished my omnivorous diet for a vegan lifestyle, I slowly came to the realization; my improvement was attributed to a transition to a pant-based lifestyle. As I maintained the vegan lifestyle my reliance on pain prescription reduced. At that time, and at such a young age I was dependent on a specific painkiller ( almost addicted ) which I mention in my podcast. I never realized that this particular drug was a carcinogen, nor that it had the potential to harm my reproductive organs, amongst other things.

Years later my arrival in the U.S signaled another breakthrough, when I was introduced to a raw vegan lifestyle. This added even more layers to my knowledge. It was supported by my interactions with a few raw vegan families, as well as raw and cooked vegan food coaches and chefs, and wholistic and Ayurvedic practitioners. They imparted knowledge and increased my understanding of healing foods and its positive effects on the body.

Raw Food Healing

This discovery of food’s healing properties continued with a raw vegan family who supported my need to evolve my journey toward optimum health. The strength, bone density and cognitive agility of that family inspired me to further pursue a 100% raw vegan diet. This challenge put my body through a battle with additional womb issues and immense pain. This marked another turning point in my health and wellness journey. Although at that time the transition to a raw vegan lifestyle was in full swing, my body needed even more of a strict regiment to cleanse and clear itself of womb blockages and buildup.

The detox protocol, Reset Your Mind, came on the heels of this battle with toxic buildup, fatigue, small growths in the uterus. These caused severe pain and difficulty functioning from day to day. By then the raw vegan lifestyle change began to starve the growths. The consumption of healing foods pushed infection out of my system. As a result this formed cysts causing inflammation throughout my body leading to serious pain. Food is medicine. A liquid detox regiment, Reset Your Mind, which I developed, moved toxic waste out of my bloodstream and system. It ultimately starved the cysts. Yet that was not the only thing that offered me healing. The regimen that I used also included the powerful healing drink Rejuvelac, daily bowls of Energy soup, wheatgrass and chlorophyll shots and juiced grapes. (Check out Part. 2 of this series to get the scoop on all of these foods)

Pursue Your Own Transition to a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Today, Sovereign Eats, is a movement, business and path toward the evolution of the woman and the family she graces with loving nourishment. A healthy, royal way to wellness and good food. We provide personal coaching, meal planning, meal prep tips, juice fast protocols, knowledge of various food supplementation, food alternatives, and vegan food recipes. Sovereign Eats utilizes the knowledge of various Raw Food Healers; Ancestral food alchemists in our lineage, Yami Bates-Jones- Fire without Flame (Honor to our community ancestor), Dr. Karin Dina, Laila Afrika, Dr. Sebi, Dr. Armeni, Ann Wigmore, Dr. Milton Mills and more.

We are constantly trying to recreate foods and entice the taste buds while nourishing the body. The focus is to maintain immune system stability, mineralized blood and increase stamina throughout the day. The reasons I transitioned to a pant-based lifestyle is larger than my own healing and wellness journey; the reason is you. Now my reason for transitioning is much clearer than what it was years ago. Our intention is that our Sovereign Eats, consultations and coaching sessions awaken you to optimum health.

I give to you healing wisdom that my journey continues to give to me.

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